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Read more about PETSCAN in our Information Folder (in German).

Information about our examination methods applied in PET-CT is provided in our Patient Information Leaflets which you can read and print out by clicking on the respective symbols.


Patient Information Leaflets

For some examinations you will be asked to fill in a Patient Information Leaflet prior the procedure. You can print out the Information Leaflet. Please take your time to read it, fill it out and take it to the examination. Do not hesitate to contact us before your examination to settle any questions you may have.

- Patient Information: Fear of Enclosed Spaces 

- Patient Information: Anamnesis PET-CT 

- Patient Information: Procedure PET-CT

- Patient Information for a PET-CT Examination with 68gallium PSMA



Read more about PETSCAN in our Information Folder (in German).

- PETSCAN Information Folder