For doctors

Equipment and technology

We operate the presently most modern PET-CT device equipped with innovative technology:

  • The highly sensitive detector provides for a clear reduction in the required tracer, leading to reduced radiation exposure. Futher, the high sensitivity offered by the detector results in shorter examination periods.
  • The new computation method ensures even more exact measurements of tumor activity.


Decisions in which cases PET-CT is medically indicated rely on the evidence-based summary of indications for the use of PET-CT published by the ‚Royal College of Physicians‘. (Evidence-based indications for the use of PET-CT in the UK 2016)


Prostate Ga68 PSMA

PETSCAN provides PET-CT examinations with the new special tracer Ga68 PSMA (gallium 68 prostate-specific membrane antigen) for prostate carcinoma indication. Higher sensitivity provides an essential advantage over the choline tracer as biochemical recurrences can already be localised in case of very low PSA values.


PETSCAN provides examinations with the new special tracer flutemetamol (Vizamyl™) for indications in dementia diagnostics.